Rain is a soggy pain in the…

Mud, mud and more mud.
...butt. Thunderstorms are forecast for just about every day left in this already-soaked month and are expected to continue into July.

Rain fell by the buckets Wednesday in Southwestern Virginia, leaving roads flooded, basements leaking and contributed to the gloom of a nation felled by a pandemic, upset with rampant racism and unnerved by a government that doesn’t work.

A brief respite Thursday morning is forecast to end with more storms rumbling through this afternoon and daily thunderstorms for pretty much of rest of June and into July.

Mother Nature, it seems is pissed and taking no prisoners.

This what the current outlook looks like from the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg:

(Courtesy of the National Weather Service and Weather.com)

Our already-damaged driveway is probably somewhere in Patrick County now. It washed aay in the multiple inches of rain that fell Wednesday and getting it dry enough to plow will be impossible if current forecasts are correct.

The advanced arthritis fueled by too many broken bones over the year makes any movement a struggle with pain for my tired, old body when it rains and it is not just raining, it’s pouring.

If the forecasts listed above are correct, the probability of rain falls to less than 60 percent on Friday and Saturday of next week and, possibly, again on July 2.

Anybody got working plans for an ark?

How long is a cubit?

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