High school football this fall? That possibility is fading

Braden Chaffin breaks a tackle attempt to gain more yards in a game where he had 85 yards and two touchdowns.
One option limits fall sports to cross-country and golf; another switches fall and spring sports; and #3 delays all sports to condensed seasons starting on Dec. 28. Or just cancel all sports until further notices.

The Virginia High School put off a final decision on fall sports Wednesday but is now considering three options that will not allow football season this fall.

If VHSL approves any of the options, the football season will be pushed to next year or not at all. If Phase 3 regulations call for social distancing and other restrictions prevail through next summer, high school athletics is now possible.

The three proposed “models” are:

Model 1 — Leave all sports in their normal seasons as originally scheduled with golf and cross-country the only sports allowed to compete:

Model 2 — Switch fall and spring sports (except lacrosse).

Model 3 — Delay all VHSL sports but allow each sport to play a condensed season between Dec. 28 and June 26.

“We may be much better off in January than where we are now,” VHSL Billy Haun said after the meeting. “We may not be much better off in January.”

“So we may put this off and have this condensed schedule, and even in the spring we may not be able to play. But it does give us the possibility that things could change for the better.”

“The normal we know [as] normal, we’re not going to see that normal for four or five years, or maybe ever,” Haun told The Roanoke Times Wednesday.

The league has also suspended practice by football teams during the summer.

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