No high school football or any other sports this fall

Buffalo quarterback Avery Chaffin tosses off to Braden Chaffin, who scored the final touchdown of the night with an eight-yard run.
The Virginia High School League's Executive Committee had three options. They voted on only one.

No high school football for this year. Same for other sports that the schools normally play in the fall. The Virginia High School League Executive Committee voted 34-1 Monday to move all sports to Spring 2021 in a condensed season that will run from March 1 through May 1.

Here is the sports season for the current school year:

SportOriginal start date State final date New season dates
Fall sports   
Football Aug. 28 Dec. 12 March 1-May 1
Volleyball Aug. 24 Nov. 20-22 March 1-May 1
Cross Country (Boys/Girls) Aug. 26 Nov. 13-14 March 1-May 1
Golf (Co-ed) Aug. 3 Oct. 12-13 March 1-May 1
Winter sports   
Basketball(B/G) Nov. 30 March 11-13 Dec. 28-Feb. 20
Wrestling Nov. 30 Feb. 19-20 Dec. 28-Feb. 20
Swimming (B/G) Nov. 30 Feb. 18-20 Dec. 28-Feb. 20
Indoor track (B/G) Nov. 30 Feb. 26-27 Dec. 28-Feb. 20
Spring sports   
Baseball/Softball March 15 June 11-12 April 26-June 26
Track and field (B/G) March 15 May 29 April 26-June 26
Soccer (B/G) March 15 June 11-12 April 26-June 26
Lacrosse (B/G) March 15 June 12 April 26-June 26
Tennis (B/G) March 15 June 10-12 April 26-June 26

VHSL had three proposals before them Monday:

None included a possibility of a fall football season:

Model 1 — Leave all sports in their normal seasons as originally scheduled with golf and cross country the only sports allowed to compete:

Model 2 — Switch fall and spring sports except lacrosse and soccer, which are deemed “high risk.”

Model 3 — Delay all VHSL sports but allow each sport to play a condensed season between Dec. 28 and June 26.

Model 3, however, was the only one voted on.

The VHSL Executive Committee consists of school superintendents, principals, and athletic directors from throughout the Old Dominion. 

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