Seal in the Arctic in 1989. while working on a about the slaughter of the young animals for their pelts.

Faces tell many stories

In more than a half-century on the road, I've found that faces, be they human or animal, tell many stories.
Philippine woman on her family farm on 1998.

Photographing people is a staple of photojournalism. Often, the appearance, expressions and other details tell the story.

Animals may provide the key to a story, like the seal in the arctic in 1887 at the top of this article or the dog below.

Two women on Main Street in Winchester, Virginia, on a Sunday afternoon
Singer on stage in Belleville, Illinois, in 1996.

People tell stories in far off lands.

African woman in Nigeria in 2001
Couple relax together in the National Mall in Washington, DC, in 1995.
Carnival riders in Fairfax, Virginia, in 1991.
Prarie dog keeps a wary eye in New Mexico in 1993.

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