People, places and purpose

Faces of people often tell the story better than words ever could.
Jamming in the alley by South Locust Street in Floyd in 2001.
A young tourist takes a break at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC.

Over the past half century, I have roamed the world with cameras in search for the right image to tell a story in newspapers, magazines or the web. I ‘ve spent more time viewing that world through a viewfinder than in any other way.

It could be a young girl with a direct stare at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC, or an Arab woman with a camel in the deserts of Israel or Syria. It might be a woman taking a break in Italy or a kid eating ice cream in Northern Virginia or a determined vet in wheelchair competing in the Marine Corps Marathon.

A cliché says a photo is worth a thousand words. Too often, words get in the way. Let the images tell the story.

A determined disabled American veteran races in the Marine Corps Marathon along the banks of the Potomac River.
Street café in Stockholm, Sweden.
Cleaning woman taking a break in Rome, Italy.
Eating ice cream on a Summer day in the Shirlington community of Arlington County, VA.
Parking attendant at the Carroll County Gun Show and Flea Market in Hillsville, VA, in 2001.
Young cloggers out in front of the Floyd Country Store in 2002.
In the desert of Syria, 1983.
An Israeli soldier guards the prayer wall of the Old City of Jerusalem as a young man prays.

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