A third straight day of Coronavirus case spikes

With 1,101 new cases in The Commonwealth and nearly 1,500 deaths nationwide -- the deadliest one-day total this summer -- the pandemic is not fading away and more precautions are needed.

Sharp hikes in COVID-19 Coronavirus cases continued for Floyd County today as the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) reported 19 new cases to bring the county’s total to 109 while Virginia’s daily cases increased by 1,101 and the United States saw its deadliest day of the summer with nearly 1,500 deaths in 24 hours.

An analysis of data from the Center for Disease Control by The New York Times says the current death toll of nearly 170,000 nationally is too low. More than 200,000 have died from the virus or complications from the disease, the Times reports.

Officials point out that increases coincide with sharp spikes in new cases among students and staff as schools opened in the Southern part of the United States.

The increase in deaths sent stock markets sliding after a day of highs that some felt would reach record levels on Thursday. The deaths also offset new unemployment numbers that showed 960,000 workers filed for relief last week, the first time the rate has fallen under a million since March.

However, more than 28 million workers remain unemployed.

In Floyd County, cases have more than doubled in less than a month. The county went into April with no cases, but the last week has added dozens to the case load.

Maybe this should be called Thursday, the 13th. Coronavirus infections up by 1,101 in Virginia and up 19 in Floyd County, where the total flew by 100 cases to a new total of 109. To make matters worse, deaths from the pandemic came in close to 1,500 to become the deadliest day of the summer.

Updated Thursday, August 13, 2020, at 010:20 a.m. EDT

Infections: 20,852,993
Deaths: 748,090
Recoveries: 13,746,477

United States:
Infections: 5,361,131
Deaths: 169,363    
Recoveries: 2,813,683

Infections: 103,622 (+1,101)
Hospitalized: 8,592 (+60)
Deaths: 2,352 (+11)

Floyd County:
Infections: 109 (+19)
3 Deaths: 2

Montgomery County:
Infections: 313 (+1)
Hospitalized: 15 (-1)
Deaths: 3

Infections: 60 (+2)
Hospitalized: 3
Deaths: 0

Carroll County
Infections: 335 (+3)    
Hospitalized: 28
Deaths: 14

Infections: 352 (+19)
Hospitalized: 38    
Deaths: 25 (+1)

Giles County:
Infections: 27   
Hospitalized: 2
Deaths: 0
Pulaski County
Infections: 90     
Hospitalized: 9 Deaths: 3

Franklin County:
Infections: 177 (+1)
Hospitalized: 7
Deaths: 1

Infections: 1,041 (+5)
Hospitalized: 27
Deaths: 15

Roanoke County:
Infections: 506 (+4)
Hospitalized: 18
Deaths: 4

Salem:Infections: 164 (+1)
Hospitalized: 6  
Deaths: 3

Patrick County:
Infections: 167 (+6)
Hospitalized: 34
Deaths: 4

(Information obtained from the Center for Disease Control, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the World Health Organization, World meter, and the Virginia Department of Health.)

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