Jaycee Dalton blocks return from the Radford Bobcats in 2019 Regional Final with help from Olivia Hylton.

A look back at FCHS volleyball

Volleyball: Another FCHS sport on hiatus for the Fall.

Volleyball has become another sport where female Floyd County High School athletes dominate. Like the Lady Buffaloes basketball and softball teams, which have captured state championships, the volleyball ladies have become frequent contenders in state playoffs and should capture a state crown in the near future.

But volleyball, like other fall sports, must wait until Spring 2021 for a chance to compete for state honors. A truncated schedule begins on March 1 of next year.

The incredible athletic abilities of the ladies are a delight to watch and photograph. Here are some images from previous volleyball seasons.

Haylee Dalton returns a rapidly sinking shot from Nelson County while Mallorie Gardner and Jaycee Dalton watch.
Kenzee Dalton (left) sets up a point with Haylee ready to complete it.
Megan Poff returns a serve in the JV win over Giles.
Lady Buffaloes Coach Carrie Dalton joins the team in cheering a point in a game earlier this season.
Haylee Dalton delivers another powerful serve.
Mallory Gardner returns a serve.
Payton Faulkner with a strong return in the JV match.
Carrigan King serves as Ryleigh Avancini, Lydia Bowman and Taylor Phillips set up to protect the net.

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