Republicans keep lining up to help dump Trump

Many of the sharpest attacks against Trump's re-election efforts comes from Republicans who are fed up with his corruption, lies and worse.
“Flag of Treason,” a strong condemnation of the Confederate flag and those who wave it.

Some Democratic friends had one complaint about the 2020 “virtual convention” of their party — they said it had “too damn many Republicans speaking.”

Yes, many Republicans wanted to speak and support nominee Joe Biden because they, like most Americans, are sick and tired of the wannabe dictator currently occupying the White House.

If the Democratic Party had wanted, many more Republicans could have been on stages speaking out against Trump. Thousands have come out publicly against the excessive, corrupt and immoral actions of the real estate developer turned “reality show” celebrity.

Former Republican congressman and Ohio Gov. John Kasich led off he list of GOP speakers at the Democratic convention last week. He is just one of a growing list of Republicans who want to dump Trump — a list that includes Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, former president George W. Bush, former general and Secretary of State Colin Powell, Security Advisor John Bolton and many others.

Even when driving around a Republican stronghold like Floyd County, it is amazing how many yards that carried Trump signs four years ago are now either empty and have ones of Biden.

A strong indicator of the growing dissatisfaction with Trump is shown in groups like “Republican Voters against Trump” and The Lincoln Project, founded by two prominent GOP consultants/strategists and a conservative Washington attorney.

TLP produces hard-edged video ads against Trump and his enablers, ones that infuriate Trump and bring new supporters — Republican, Democratic and independent, into the Biden, camp.

Ads like this early in their project:

Mourning in America…playing back on an early Ronald Reagan ad from 1980.

The ads are sharp, cutting and pull no punches. The Lincoln Project is not a group of discarded Republicans. They were prominent strategists like Steve Schmidt, who talked John McCain into using Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate in his loss to Barack Obama. He now admits that was a mistake but doesn’t apologize for it.

That stunt, many now believe, began to drop the bar for who should or should not be considered presidential material. Without Palin, we might not now be dealing with another unqualified problem like Trump. Like Trump, she liked to cheat on her spouse and hop into bed often with “stars” like Glen Rice of the NBA. Other reports said he was not the first of her conquests.

One of the original three founders of The Lincoln Project — DC attorney George Conway — is also the husband of Trump’s former campaign manager and longest surviving White House strategist Kellyanne Conway. He introduced her to Trump and encouraged her to work for him, a move he later regretted, and he turned into a public critic. He and his wife have resigned their positions and are stepping back to deal with “family” issues.

Other Republicans have stepped forward to help TLP and their polished videos showcase their work:

A combat veteran and Navy SEAL calls Trump a “coward” and a “draft dodger.”

Internal polls show Trump’s base has sprung leaks as increasing numbers their voters are walking away from their “mistake” of four years ago. Most of those remaining are the White Supremacists, racists, bigots and haters.

With the limits of the pandemic in this year’s campaigning, Trump said at one point he might deliver his nomination acceptance speech this week at Gettysburg, site of a decisive Civil War battle and Abraham Lincoln’s classic Gettysburg Address.

The National Park Service, however, told Trump he could not use a national park for such a political event, so he shifted the site to the White House, which raised even more questions from Democrats and Republicans.

Astounding as it seems, Trump thinks he is “like Lincoln” and will be remembered as a president of that caliber. The Lincoln Project feels otherwise and drove the point home in a strong video that didn’t even have to mention Trump:

Remembering a real president.

When we watch and review the sordid actions of Donald Trump, one has wonder what happened to the Republican Party.

We sign off on one of our favorites:

Vladimir Putin’s “comrade?”

Find and watch all of TLP’s videos here.

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  1. I actually thought I would be reading news when I opened this site. Too bad its only an opinion of the writer. Trump supporters are none of the names you provided. There will always be some of those but come nov.3 you will understand the lies people like you try to push are just that. Lies. You sir are uninformed.

  2. This is the biggest piece of garbage I’ve read in a long time. I certainly hope you are not calling yourself a journalist since is is nothing more than a liberal hatchet job on our President. You call Trump supporters vicious names while vitriol bleeds from every word you have written.

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