Wet today and a dry week afterward?

The arrival of September on Tuesday is forecast to bring some cooler nights, less heat, humidity and less rain.
National Weather Service Radar at 7:00 a.m. Monday, Aug. 31, 2020 (Courtesy of Weather.com)

Hurricane Laura may have come and gone but rain still soaks us on this Monday after a day, beautiful Sunday. However, if we can believe the National Weather Service in Blacksburg, we see dry weather through the week and over the weekend.

That the forecast this morning but Mother Nature has a nasty habit of changing her mind. Still, we can hope September will be a little less wet.

Current forecasts say dry through Tuesday night of next week, followed by three days of rain, then a couple of day of dry and, yep, more rain.

The good news a high of 71 Monday 77 on Tuesday, 83 Wednesday, 86 Thursday, 83 on Friday and then mid 70s or so for the weekend with lows mostly in the 60s even the high 60 through Monday the 14th.

A decent Autumn? We can hope.

Weather.com reports stinky beaches on the Gulf side of Florida after Hurricane Laura, which left heavy destruction and too many deaths in Louisiana as it tore through Lake Charles and areas around it.

The National Weather Service is watching at least four disturbances in the Atlantic, including an area of low pressure off the East Coast, another disturbance in the Caribbean and two areas that could develop in the Eastern Atlantic.

Hurricanes and tropical storm season is upon us, a couple of things besides COVID-19, protests that turn into riots in a couple of cities and the madness of the presidential election to worry us.

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