Falwell Jr. sues Liberty U. for “damaging” his reputation

Falwell claims that people who tell the truth about his and his wife's perversions are damaging him? Yes, that's what he says.
Jerry Falwell and "friend" on Rick Hendrick's yacht.

Just to make sure we have this straight, disgraced former Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. is suing his former employer because, he claims, they have “damaged his reputation.”

Having Falwell claiming someone has damaged his reputation is like Donald Trump suing someone for calling him a liar.

In such cases, truth is an “absolute defense.”

As we recall, Falwell Jr. got into trouble after posting a photo of himself and an assistant to his philandering wife with their bellies exposed and the garments unzipped at the crotches. At about the same time, the Miami pool attendant that the Falwells set up in a lavish lifestyle said Junior liked to watch his wife having sex with him.

“Jerry Jr.’s sexual habits are kinkier than a porno star on acid,” says a former Falwell associate.

The former personal attorney to Trump testified he had to help Falwell get rid of photos of nude photos of his wife and others showing her in a kinky French Maid’s outfit.

For Falwell, this was normal behavior while he ran a “Christian evangelical university” that threw students out for engaging in premarital sex. A Floyd County woman was tossed out of Liberty after she got pregnant without a husband.

A double standard?

“You bet,” a former university professor of Liberty told us. “That’s just part of sordid behavior of Falwell, Jr.”

Micahel Cohen, the former Trump attorney, says he had to round up photos of Falwell and his wife engaged in “all kinds of things” at a freewheeling nightclub in South Miami Beach.

“It was another level of perversion,” Cohen is quoted as saving.

“As his erotic behavior contasts with his loudly professed belief, it’s one thing that he stains religion,” says licensed psychotherapist Marty Klein . “Unfortunately, he’s also giving sex a bad name on his way down.”

He adds:

When public figures fall because of unauthorized sex—which of course they hide and then lie about on their way down—people blame sex. And that’s one of Falwell’s biggest crimes—making sex dirty. Making it ugly. Making it what hypocrites blame hypocrisy on. Falwell’s institution is committed to preventing others from doing what he himself wants to do—and apparently does.

Giancarlo Granda, who says he met the Falwells at age 20 while working as a pool attendant in a Miami Beach hotel, detailed a years-long relationship with the couple that involved him having sex with Becki Falwell while Jerry Falwell Jr. watched.

“Becki and I developed an intimate relationship and Jerry enjoyed watching from the corner of the room,” Granda, now 29-years-old, told Reuters, describing sexual encounters in hotels in Miami and New York, and at the couple’s Virginia home, “multiple times per year.” 

Granda has provided emails, text messages and other evidence to support his claims. He and the Falwells launched a business together in 2018 in Miami Beach, and they cut him out. After the Liberty Board reviewed the materials Granda provided, it fired Falwell and then set up a website where others could report his scandalous and perverted activities.

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