The COVID-19 pandemic: Area numbers tell different stories

In some cases, infections track a locality's population. In deaths, however, the numbers track different trends.
Pandemic case counts by the Virginia Department of Health.

Floyd County added four more cases of COVID-19 Coronavirus in Sunday’s morning report for the Virginia Department of Health. The county now has a total of 257 cases.

Sunday was Nov. 1. On Oct. 1, the count for Floyd County was 206 cases. Infections increased by 51 cases in a month — about 1.64 cases a day.

That’s not a lot for areas like Roanoke city and county. On Oct. 1, Roanoke city and county, including Salem, had 3, 002 cases. On Sunday, their total was 5,215 — 2,213 cases in the month of October. That was 71.38 cases per day.

Montgomery County, which includes the City of Radford, had 3,922 cases on Nov. 1. On Oct. 1, the total was 2,768. Its cases increased by 1,154 for October — an increase of 37.22 per day.

However, Floyd County had 10 deaths on Oct. 1 and Montgomery had 5 and added just 1 during the month for a total of 6. Floyd County had 10 deaths on Oct. 1 and 15 by Nov. 1 — up by 5 deaths.

Roanoke city and county deaths stood at 43 on Oct. 1 and 68 a month later — an increase of 15.

In October, 15 people died from the pandemic in Roanoke city and county — the same number of total deaths in Floyd County for the past six months.

Yet those 15 deaths are nearly three times higher than the totals in Montgomery County and the City of Radford. In October, five times more people died in Floyd County than they did in Montgomery County.

Those numbers will change later on this Monday morning when the latest daily report from VDH comes in.

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