Riley Spangler in a game from 2019.

Winter sports at Floyd County High? Maybe.

Floyd County Middle School basketball games scheduled for the next week are postponed while another game set for three days before Christmas remains on the Three Rivers District calendar.

According to the Three Rivers District online sports calendar, Floyd County High School’s middle school boys’ and girls’ basketball teams had games scheduled for three days and evenings next week. Had, but now postponed.

Those postponed included a Monday game against Blacksburg set as an away match. Same for a Tuesday matches in Carroll County and Pulaski County.

Then Blacksburg was scheduled to be in Floyd on Wednesday for boys and girls games. Also postponed. No reasons listed for any of the postponements.

No junior varsity or varsity game basketball game involving Floyd County High, appears on the schedule for the remainder of this year, which could or could not change. Another middle school match is set for Dec. 22 in Christiansburg and has not, to date, been postponed.

Gov. Ralph Northam has new limitations going into place this weekend, including midnight curfews for everyone, limits of gathering of no more than 10 at entertainment or other events. School athletic games are limited to 30% of a venue’s capacity per player at games. The limits do not affect the players and coaches.

However, the Virginia High School League says the governor’s orders will not affect its decision to allow schools to play winter sports if they want.

“We want to make it very clear that the Governor’s order for reduction in public and private gatherings to 25 individuals applies to ‘spectators’ and not participants at those events,” VHSL Director of Communications Mike McCall said in an email. “Nothing in the order prevents VHSL member schools from holding contests.”

Whatever is decided for Floyd County will be discussed Monday afternoon at the December meeting of the School Board.

Northam said what schools in Virginia localities do depends on the school boards. Some high school basketballs games have started in Roanoke and other areas.

Stay tuned.

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