Trying to celebrate Christmas in these turbulent times

With pandemics and economic hardships, this will be a lonely Christmas for many people in this holiday season.

Christmas week. Time for celebration? Some might say not, given the pandemic and our turbulent times. Two vaccines to fight COVID-19 are approved, shipping, and headed for infection into millions of Americans over the next few months but infections from the pandemic virus continues to rise.

Many unemployed face a little help from an aid plan that many says is too small and will need even more help in future weeks and months. Many businesses are closed and continue to struggle under increasing restrictions.

The Christmas that arrives in four days will be celebrated by many in isolation. Many will celebrate online with Zoom video or chats. Others will be alone.

Christmas is a time to celebrate and remember its true purpose and let’s home we can find joy in the season.

On the good news front, Floyd County High School basketball kicks off home court games Tuesday and Wednesday with the Buffaloes boys Varsity and JV Squads hosting Narrows Tuesday, starting at 5:30 p.m. and the Lady Buffs taking on Narrows Wednesday: Same place, same times.

Increased restrictions issued by Gov. Ralph Northam limits fans to 25 attendees with players’ parents have priority for tickets. Masks and social distancing are required.

Floyd County Circuit Court has a busy docket this week. Tuesday will be the last session of Drug Court for 2020 as those who struggle with drug addiction while seeking a possible way to escape the drug and a possible felony eviction.

Court Tuesday also bring sentencing of a Willis man on felony child pornography convictions. There’s no child porn program to help escape an addiction to such abuse. Another Willis man faces trial on possession of child porn and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

A Riner resident seeks bail Tuesday on a pending trial for charges of, yes, possession of child pornography and aggravated sexual battery. Another high-profile jury trial is set next year for not only possession, but also production, of child porn for sale and, of course, contributing to the sexual delinquency of the minor.

Yes, there is a pattern of child pornography in Floyd County, along with too many cases of sexual abuse of minors, children and adults.

When now-retired Floyd Press Editor Wanda Combs asked me to start covering Circuit Court for the paper 15+ years ago, I expected a high number of drug cases, especially ones involving methamphetamine, but I never expected so many cases of sexual abuse cases, especially one involving child pornography.

Like meth, a serious addiction to child pornography exists in this small rural county. Virginia’s sexual offender database, available online, shows 32 residents of Floyd County listed and that list does not include those who have moved out of the county since conviction.

A review of that list shows that many live among us, and it includes too many of those who engage in child pornography.

As we head into Christmas on Friday, let’s please be safe and remember the real reason for celebrating this special day. Have a Merry Christmas.

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