Regional basketball tournaments games are scheduled tonight

High school basketball season is winding down with regional tournaments starting Monday but volleyball and football ae scheduled to start later this month
Dylan Bond of the varsity Buffaloes drives for two of his 10 points.

Floyd County High School’s Buffaloes varsity basketball guys open regional tournament play at home Monday against Appomattox at 6:30 p.m. The Lady Buffs travel to Glenvar, which hosts them for their opening match at 6 p.m.

That’s the schedule. Floyd County public schools are closed Monday, so we are waiting to see if the games continue or not.

Speaking of sport, the standoff between two premier quarterbacks facing up to each other didn’t happen but age and experience took control with Tom Brady delivering a standout performance as young Patrick Mahomes ran into problems, a defense who let him down with too many costly penalties and too many missteps.

It wasn’t close. The Bucs won 31-9. Mahomes, a leader in touchdown passes, didn’t get even one.

At age 43, ancient in professional football player years, Brady won his seventh Super Bowl, six with New England and a seventh with Tampa Bay. The oldest starting quarterback in the National Football League beat the youngest. Mahomes, at 25, will most likely be back to the Super Bowl and will win some.

Pardon my pleasure in this but Tampa is my hometown. I lived in surburban Gibsonton as a kid. Several years ago, Amy and I watched the then-St. Louis Rams win a Super Bowl and cheered because Amy was a product of suburban Belleville, IL, just across the Mississippi River.

Brady, the game’s MVP, called the win at team effort and it was. The defense sacked Mahomes three times, intercepted him twice and they never let the Chiefs best receiver ever get close to the ball throughout the night.

Speaking of age, Tampa Bay’s coach, Bruce Arians, is the oldest current coach in the NFL.

The Super Bowl is over but two delayed high school sports from last fall are set ti start playing here in February.

Practice for football and volleyball is set to start this week. Football, we are told, is expected to start play in the fourth week of February. The field could be covered in snow, given the number of storms we have had so far or might be very, very muddy.

Volleyball, at least, has a gym, although the crowd limitations are expected to be as tight as the basketball games.

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