Floyd’s basketball Buffaloes come close to upsetting Radford’s Bobcats

In the closing seconds of a hard-fought game, the difference was just two points
Kaiden Swortzel of the Buffaloes goes in for a score against the Bobcats

Floyd County High School’s Buffaloes basketball team came close to ruining Radford’s undefeated season Sunday afternoon in the Region 2C final, closing to just two points in the closing minute in a match that saw the lead change several times, but a missed pass gave the ball back to the Bobcats along with a region win and another trip to the State Championship rounds.

The Buffaloes took the opening lead and held it to the end of the first quarter and the match seesawed back and forth before the botched pass and free throws and score gave the Bobcats a 62-56 win.

More photos and details in the next edition of The Floyd Press.

Josiah Banks of the Buffs scores

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