FCHS Varsity Volleyball from 2019

With Spring peeking from the clouds, more winter sports reappear

Volleyball returns next week, along with golf. Let the games begin

High school football season started this week. So did golf. Volleyball begins next week and while the warm sunny days of Wednesday and Thursday dropped back with rain (and a possible “wintry mix”) is in the forecast for this Friday, the high temperatures are expected to be in the low 60s on Saturday and the higher 60s on Sunday, with some showers.

Spring? We’re seeing it peeking out of the clouds with fewer temperatures drops below freezing in evenings as March is expected to come in like a web lamb on Monday.

Volleyball was scheduled to start its home season Monday with JV and Varsity facing Carroll County, but that has been reset to March 30 with Middle Schoolers playing Pulaski County Tuesday at Floyd County High School.

The second game of varsity football is away against Giles, but the match has been moved ot Blacksburg (better field conditions) for Saturday afternoon.

Varsity and JV volleyballs are set to play on the road at Giles High on Thursday and the golfers will play multiple opponents that day at Old Mills Golf Course. The Buffaloes football varsity players are set to meet Alleghany next Friday at the FCHS field.

Looks like it is time to face Spring and sports fever.

Let the fun begin.

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