The sun returns to our days for at least the next week

A sunny day in Floyd County.
Spring fever? You betcha. Allergy season? Yep, but it is a small price to pay

That bright light in the sky is something we haven’t seen much of in recent days and weeks: The sun. The National Weather Service office in Blacksburg says we should expect sunny and mostly sunny days for the next week before that wet stuff starts falling again from the skies.

Even better are the daily high temperatures: 55 Wednesday, 49 on Thursday and even the low 63s on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

But just to remind us that this is still winter, overnight lows will be freezing or just below the 32 degree mark.

Still, a week of dry weather could, possibly, allow our driveway to reach a condition to ploy and get rid of the ruts that have turned it into an off-road trail. It might also allow us to repair a drain gutter that hangs down in the back of the house.

Perhaps our trip to Christiansburg next week to get needed COVID-19 vaccinations will be in dry, Spring-like weather. Maybe we will have a chance to grab lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant.

We can hope.

Wife Amy’s allergies are popping up, so she is popping generic Claritan pills and stocking up on Kleenex.

A shower is forecast for Thursday, Mar. 11, and then daily starting on Saturday, Mar. 14th through Wednesday, the 17th (the infamous Ides of March).

The next week might be a good time to exercise the Harley and Amy’s Can-Am.

We can dream.

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