Mowing the large yard for the first time back in the Spring of 2005 on a brand new John Deere riding mower. (Photo by Amy Thompson)

Nicer weather. Nicer health is a hope

Nice to be out on a Monday with the sun shining and temperatures in the 70s. Nice too, for a night with lows remaining in the upper 40s.

The temperature outside as this is written at 7:30 this morning. High could hit 60 or above, some forecasts say, followed by showers and a little cooler on Wednesday, then warmer again on Thursday with less chance of moisture falling.

More showers possible on Friday with temps perhaps in the 50s, the warming up more next week with sun and fewer chances of rain. Maybe that will give me time to mow and try to plow our driveway into some semblance of smoothness. Perhaps, too, a chance to ride the Harley.

Or maybe not. An MRI recently discovered a tear in my right rotator cuff and I will be meeting with the docs in orthopedics Thursday to discuss what might or might be done to fix it. I’m opposed to surgery and will argue for other options.

Second COVID-19 shot for Amy and me on Thursday. I’m also wearing a heart monitor for two weeks to see if there really is any chance of a-fib, a concern that popped up last fall when a EKG found irregular heart beats but additional EKG’s found nothing, so the cardiologist prescribed the heart monitor for two weeks to, hopefully, rule out any heart conditions.

Add to that is a new schedule of physical and occupational therapy, along with hope that the Floyd Fitness Center will reopen in May. Got my fingers crossed.

Weather seems to be more like Spring. Hope the hell that my health will match the season.

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