As we head into the final week of April, will May bring better times?

That depends? Have you completely vaccinated against COVID-19? If so, you are better off than more than half of our county and Commonwealth

A second below-freezing morning in late April? WTF?

If the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg is correct — and that is always a big “if” — things should be improving as we head into the final week of April.

The forecast also predicts a high of 56 degree should be with us about 5 p.m. EDT Friday, which could finally give The Floyd Country Store the best late Friday afternoon weather for the Backyard Jamboree yet or this season.

Given the storms with hail, driveway destroying storms and this late April chill, we can only hope that May will be better. Let’s hope so.

Temperatures should remain in the 50s Friday for the bulk of the Backyard Jamboree and the approach of May could, we hope, bring some changes in what the Commonealth’s governor may allow when it comes to both indoor and outdoor events in pandemic-strainted area.

The Floyd Fitness Center, we’re told, will reopen on May 3 for use by those who can show they have received full vaccinations for COVID-19 and who will practice social distancing and wear masks when working out.

Will changes by Gov. Ralph Northam allow resumption of events like the Friday Night Jamboree this summer? FloydFest organizers are planning a full slate of activities for July with the hope that rules in place by then will allow gatherings.

But numbers from the Virginia Department of Health say just over one-fourth (26.3%) of the Commonwealth’s population that needs them are fully vaccinated while less than half have received even one shot. Those figures pretty much match the national figures.

This is what the Centers for Disease says about Floyd County:

Floyd County is at a very high risk of exposure to Covid-19. Cases have stayed about the same over the past week and are still very high. The number of hospitalized Covid patients has fallen in the Floyd County area. Deaths have remained at about the same level. The test positivity rate in Floyd County is high, suggesting that cases may be undercounted.

-Centers for Disease Control

Good news or bad? Looks like a mixture of both.