A May Day ride makes for a fun time

A road trip with a friend is always a good ride. It's even better when you add a stop at Dairy Queen for either a dipped cone or a Blizzard

Met Nick Piazza at Blue Ridge Diner Saturday morning and, the first time in a year, we took a relatively long motorcycle ride over to Riner, then west towards Claytor Lake with plans to hit the twisting road called Robinson Tract, my first full day ride in a year.

A closed road along the way diverted us to a detour that took both of us though some new roads before getting back on to Rte. 99 leading into Pulaski and then up through part of Robinson Tract north through the twisties over the mountains to Rte. 601, which took us back through moderate curves and back to Rte. 100 South of Pearisburg, then down to Dublin to a DQ near I-81 for a couple of Thin Mints Blizzards and a break.

I rode Amy’s Can-Am trike (with two wheels in the front) and that requires a lot of turning the two wheels with the handlebars increase of leaning as we do on two-wheelers. My arms and shoulders were hurting last night and stiffened up this morning.

After the calorie-cavalcade, we headed back over towards Rte. 100, then up to Hillsville to U.S. 58 to Meadows of Dan, then down the Parkway to Mabry Mill for pit stops and saw a young lady in full prom attire headed over the Mill for photos before Prom Night. Yes, after a convoluted year dealing with Covid-19, our students are headed to Proms and graduation this month.

Down to the Parkway to Rte. 8, then up to Floyd gas stops for both and time for me to pick up a prescription for Amy and the final five miles to home. With the Can-Am home in its trailer, I fell asleep at the computer and had to head for bed after waking up after midnight.

A fun ride with a great friend — a perfect way to spend May Day. Total miles: 174.3 from our garage out and back.

With luck, I will get or washed out driveway in better shape before the storms arrive Monday and I can get the Harley back out. I’m down to my 12-year-old Dyna now, but it is still rideable, even with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer.

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