Remnants of Fred soaked us, but tornado warnings faded

Thunderstorm in the mountains.
Heavy rains Tuesday and overnight into Wednesday brought flooding but few reports of damage.

Hurricane Fred added to the heavy rains that have soaked our area for the last week or so, bringing high winds and even a tornado warning that reached into Franklin and Patrick Counties Tuesday, along with pounding rainfalls through the night.

Floyd County schools delayed departure of students for a time Tuesday, keeping them in the buildings until the threat passed.

Flooding in Pilot and other areas were reported, including water over some roads and creeks that overran banks.

Most of the rain had passed through by 5:30 a.m. Wednesday and the National Weather Service forecasts chances of rain in single digit percentages for the remains into the day Wednesday and into Thursday morning, but afternoon thunderstorms are forecast for Thursday afternoon, and again on Friday.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday are forecast as partly cloudy with less than 25 percent chance of rain with a sunny Tuesday of next week before thunderstorms are expected to start again Of course, as with all forecasts, they are subject to change, and we remain in a hurricane system offshore.

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