Playing the wheel of misfortune game

Things started going from bad to worse on Tuesday of last week when our refrigerator died, leaving us with a mess of spoiling food.

With mine and Amy’s schedule, it was Thursday before we could venture over to C’Burg to look for a replacement fridge. The old one came with the house when we bought it in 2004 and repair didn’t make sense.

We found a new GE at Home Depot. Good price with the added incentive of a 10 percent discount and a $60 rebate from Virginia for purchasing an Energy Star-certified appliance.

That was the good news. The bad news was that they could not deliver the thing until Thursday of this week.  We picked up a small fridge that we could cart home to keep drinks and other items cold in the interim but we’ve had to air out the house (between rain showers) to get rid of the smell of spoiled food.

On Friday afternoon, I finally had time to tend to our badly-neglected lawn but 40 minutes into cutting the belt broke on our John Deere mower and — of course — neither Home Depot or Lowes had one in stock. S.G. Wimmer — the big John Deere dealer in C’Burg — is closed on Saturdays.

Then the rain moved in and I couldn’t mow even if I had a new drive belt. So I took a motorcycle ride, got caught in the rain, and arrived home Saturday night soaked through a rain suit that normally keeps me dry.

Early Sunday morning, my mom fell at her assisted living facility and broke her hip.

They say bad news comes in threes. Hopefully, we’ve filled our quota for the time being.

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