I’m no expert in waterfowl but this bird, spotted at a pond near the Carroll County Gun Show and Flea Market over the weekend, seems like a mixture of different breeds — part duck, part goose and part turkey. Of course, it could be something entirely normal. Anybody out there know?


  1. My daughter has them all over her back yard. Can’t even go out on the grass since it is covered with duck droppings. Does anyone know how to get rid of them or at least discourage them from coming in the yard.Thanks.

  2. Some people say the Muschovy are ‘vermin’, if you live in Florida you must realize how many insects there are around from the mosquito to the ‘no see ums’, these wonderful ducks eat away at those unhealthy insects and you are lucky they come into your yard..Ever heard of a water hose to hose down the droppings. After all, someone hoses down your droppings once or twice daily at the sewerage. These ducks are loving and very gentle creatures and help us keep the bugs somewhat at bay. I just lost one due to a car running over it and I am still crying. I love dogs and all animals but if you were my neighbor and you sent your dog running after the ducks you would be getting a visit from the ‘dog catcher’ in a heart beat so keep your dogs in your ‘fenced yard’ where they belong and leave the ducks alone and get a water hose for the droppings.

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