Radford Bobcats take down Floyd County’s Buffaloes, 42-7

The score stood at 42-0 until late in the fourth quarter, when the Buffaloes finally scored
Interception of a pass intended for Elijah St. Clair of the Buffaloes was one of many that kept the Buffaloes out of the game.

Floyd County High School’s football Buffaloes lost their third straight game in a row on the road to Radford Friday night as the Bobcats dominated play, intercepted Floyd quarterback Kaleb Fenton four times and led 42-0 late in the fourth quarter when the Buffs finally scored its only touchdown.

The 42-7 loss leaves the team’s record at 4-4. With the clock running nonstop in the final quarter because of Radford’s massive lead, Fenton connected with Rylan Swortzel in the end zone for the score averted what could have been the team’s third shutout of the season.

More photos and details in next week’s Floyd Press.

Frustration by Buffaloes Coach Winfred Beale.
Buffalo quarterback Kaleb Fenton, under pressure, tries to pass.
Buffalo pressure keeps Radford place kicker from adding three more points to the score.
Radford scores another touchdown in a runaway night.

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