Buffaloes’ 47-27 loss to Radford was much closer than it looked

In the second half, Floyd County matched the scoring by the Bobcats, but it wasn't enough to close the big lead the Cats had at the half.
Elijah St. Clair evades a tackler after he catches a pass from Kaleb Fenton for the Buffaloes fourth touchdown of the night.

Facing a Radford Bobcats team that won their last meeting 42-0, the Floyd County football Buffaloes scored first in the first round of regional tournament play in the first-quarter play, leading the fearsome felines for a few minutes until a 62-yard pass and extra point tied the game.

The teams remained tied at the end of the first quarter but then Radford took control, help by interceptions, fumbles, and miscues to end the half leading 28-7. The Buffaloes, however, were not laying down and added 20 points in the second half. Radford matched pace by one less, 19 points, and the game ended with a 49-27 win by the Bobcats, not unexpected but still more much closer than some expected.

Much more detail in next week’s Floyd Press.

Seth Dunbar drags a Bobcat trying, unsuccessfully, to stop another score by the Buffaloes.
Interceptions of Kaleb Fenton’s passes resulted in two scores by the Bobcats, but he turned up the head with key receptions in the second half.
Handoff led to good yardage to help set up the Buffaloes’ first score.
Buffaloes fans braved the cool weather on a clear night to applaud the team at the game’s end.

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