Dancing the night away to the music of Gap Civil at the Jamboree.

Back at the Friday Night Jamboree

The music that defines our area and an era is showcased on Friday nights in downtown Floyd.

It’s been more than a year since I have taken one of my videocams into The Friday Night Jamboree on its traditional dance floor at The Floyd Country Store. The pandemic played a large role in such a delay, along with a sports season and other assignments but we’re between sports now (basketball begins next week) and a free Friday night presented action on a cold November evening.

These images are actually screengrabs of the video shot Friday at a Jamboree with The Comptons on stage for the Gospel Hour and Gap Civil handling the two sets of Old Time Music.

With luck (which always plays a role in just about everything I do), I can finish up a video excerpt and post it for this Sunday’s Muse.

Let the music continue.

Gap Civil in action.
The Comptons provided the music of faith during the Gospel Hour.
More dancing action.

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