Swinging time on a Honky Tonk Thursday

The store that became a Bluegrass icon around the world continues to expand its offerings.

In another expansion of the music expressions at The Floyd Country Store, Honky Tonk Thursday brings western swing music to the area stage, complete with yodeling, drums, and electric guitars, which brings out Jamboree regulars and newcomers.

This Thursday’s offering featured Kelley and the Cowboys, led by Kelly Breidling, for an evening full of western swing, rockabilly, country, and blues.

A good night to film and also provided some screen grabs of the action. The video will follow when I can finish editing it.

Folks were dancing up a storm on a Thursday night.
Yes, there were drums and electric guitars on the Country Store stage.
Kelley Breidling belts out a Hank Williams tune.

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