Bill and the Belles, crowd favorites, provide their unique interpretations of songs.

Floyd Radio Show, Christmas version

The internet-based radio show presented on the first Saturday of each month delighted the audience on hand at The Floyd Country Store.
Bluegrass legends Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass delighted the crowd.

The Floyd Radio Show Saturday night featured Bill and the Belles along with Bluegrass legends Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass as guests for the two hours of music, fun, skits, and more in the 81st edition of the event on the stage of The Floyd Country Store and broadcast on the internet.

Now in its 10th season, the show was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Episode 3 of this season will be held on New Year’s Day, 2022. New hosts Andrew Small and Ashlee Watkins keep the show fast-paced and provide their own musical numbers.

The images here are screen capture of video shots of the show. I’m discovering that the current crop of new videocams, especially the Canon units I use, provide good detail for use, and I’m going to try covering a basketball game this season with one to see if that might work for newspaper use.

Floyd Country Store co-owner Dylan Locke welcomes back Sadie, who traditionally opens the evening with jokes, and notes how much the 12-year-old has grown during the pandemic.
“You may notice that I’m not from here,” says Australian Ashlee Watkins, and she and co-host (and partner) Andrew Small give Floyd folks a Christmas song from down under.

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