Cold and delays for Tuesday before one warmer day on Wednesday

After a day of subfreezing temperatures and high winds, digging out from the Sunday snowfall continues to be a challenge for Floyd County and Southwestern Virginia and conditions remain in flux with schools closed in our county and others, delays in government services like a court.

While main roads like U.S. 221 and Virginia Rte. 8 are, for the most part, clear, expect some secondary roads to remain slick with snow that may have drifted overnight, and black ice conditions added to the icy spots that remain.

Floyd County Circuit Court is set to open late at 10 a.m. while courts in Franklin, Patrick, and Carroll are closed. New River Community College Classes in Dublin and Christiansburg are also set to open at 10 a.m.

Radford University says all classes before 11 a.m. are canceled.

A National Weather Service Wind Advisory that brought blustery conditions Monday continues through 8 a.m

The Service adds:

In addition, patches of ice and snow as well as blowing snow will be found across much of the region, especially west of the Blue Ridge. Motorists should be aware that some secondary roads are still ice and snow covered and even in areas that were previously cleared of ice and snow, the gusty winds may have blown snow back over previously cleared areas. Travel with caution and allow extra time to reach your destination.

While classes at Floyd County schools were canceled for Tuesday, the same for basketball games scheduled at FCHS between the Buffaloes and Lady Buffaloes and Carroll County.

Best advice from officials: Check with any business or government entity you might want to visit Tuesday and bundle up. Temperatures are forecast to remain in the low to mid-20 this morning before edging above freezing to 34 degrees.

Some melting is expected on Wednesday, when the highs are expected to climb into the high 40s.

That’s as good as it will get for this week and the rest of this month. NWS is forecasting rain and snow showers on Thursday, then snow on Friday and Saturday, with highs below freezing over the weekend. While snow is not in the forecast for the final week of January, highs are expected to remain in the 30s with lows in the teens until some warming (and a chance of snow again) as February begins.

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