A cowboy? Not likely. Racist? Very Likely. Dishonest? Absolutely.

Hypocrisy, racism from Virginia’s new governor?

Glenn Youngkin wants to outlaw Critical Race Theory from our public schools. His actions could be considered inbred, systematic racism that is discussed in the theory itself

It comes as no surprise that new Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin immediately revealed standard political hypocrisy as soon as he took the oath to become the new, autocratic head of our Commonwealth. One of his first “executive” orders “bans” something that doesn’t currently exist in Virginia’s public schools: Critical Race Theory.

He should know about schools that do teach the theory. He sent his kids to a private school in the District of Columbia that taught it, along with other attempts to develop other anti-racism policies. And was a member of the board of governors who approved the moves.

Writes columnist Dana Milbank:

Youngkin’s move on critical race theory also comes with an added dollop of hypocrisy. Public schools, including Virginia’s, don’t teach critical race theory, which was a little-known academic school of thought before the Fox News crowd misrepresented it as a threat to American children.

But do you know which schools do teach “divisive” concepts, including something resembling critical race theory? The private D.C. schools Youngkin had his children attend. And you know who was on the board of governors of one of those schools while it was beefing up its anti-racism policies? Glenn Youngkin.

Youngkin, as a parent and member of the school’s governing board, allowed his children to attend schools that made them deal with “divisive issues” that were often uncomfortable. Now, as a governor who now wishes to cater to a rabid-right wing gaggle of voters riddled with white supremacists and outright racists wants serious discussion of racism issues banned in the Commonwealth’s public schools.

Even worse, he also authorized a toll-free “tip line” to rat out any school official or teacher who might be “teaching something divisive.”

“We are asking for folks to send us reports,” he told a Virginia right-wing radio host, “We’re doing to make sure we catalog it all, so we can make sure we’re rooting it out.”

Milbank’s conclusion;

The state’s deputizing of residents to act as informants will have the obvious effect of deterring even mentions of slavery or race, which means Youngkin has imposed a de facto “memory law” whitewashing Virginia’s, and the country’s, deep and ongoing history of white supremacy.

The conservative radio host, John Fredericks, seemed pleasantly surprised. In an interview with the Post after Youngkin appeared on his show, he said triumphantly:

He’s Trump in a red vest. It’s exceeded everybody’s expectations. From the beginning of his campaign to the Saturday he put his hand on the Bible and took the oath of office, I was his biggest skeptic. And now, two weeks into his administration, I’m his biggest supporter.

Fredericks preaches racism often and also hypes Trump’s “Big Lie” that is won the 2020 election. Like others in Trump’s band of cultists, Youngkin feels he can’t afford to alienate the White Supremacists, racists, bigots, and others of their ilk that he needs to survive.

“He got blasted by the whole Trump-ecosystem base,” Fredericks told Gregory S. Schneider and Laura Vozzella. “If he wants to run for something else or keep his coalition together, you simply can’t alienate us.”

An old political saying notes that “if you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.”

Youngkin should be scratching himself raw by now

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  1. Your article is spot on. In fact, I’d like Trumpy Yungky’s hotline number so I can call it to report a racist…the Governor. As a Republi-cant he knows he never would have won without the racist/bigot votes. One year forward in time equals 60 years back in policy.

  2. Didn’t the nazi (I’m not capitalizing those truly sick thugs) party insist on children snitching on their parents? Not to mention parents turning in their children and neighbors turning neighbors. WOW, ain’t this a wonderful world (Sorry Mr. Louis Armstrong).

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