Choice is yours: Vaccinate and live. Don’t and die

Four people died from COVID-19 in Floyd County, where only about 35% of adults are fully vaccinated, including a booster shot. Coincidence? Hardly.

Four more people died of COVID-19 in Floyd County over the weekend, bringing the county’s death toll to 40, an incredibly high amount for this rural county with about 15,000 residents. The deaths came in a weekend where 215 died throughout Virginia.

Floyd also had 18 new cases over the weekend. Even with the infection rate dropping, this county still has at least one or more cases a day, a rate far higher than when it took more than six months to reach 10 earlier in the pandemic.

The Center for Disease Control says those who are fully vaccinated and still take precautions like using masks out in public have a better chance than most of not contacting the virus and, if they do, surviving it.

But Floyd is a county of too many “we know better” types who think masks and vaccinations or unneeded, a violation of their personal rights. The answer to that is a word often heard around here: “Bullshit.”

A study by the Virginia Department of Health said those not vaccinated against COVID-19 contracted the virus 4.6 times more often than those fully vaccinated and twice more often than those partially vaccinated.

Of those fully vaccinated, only 2.4% contracted the virus, .063% had to be hospitalized and .0202% died.

CDC says unvaccinated individuals are 10 times more likely to die than those who have had their shots.

In Virginia, 71% of the population is fully vaccinated. Floyd County has 53% “fully vaccinated” but only 35% have gotten the “booster” shot that CDC says is vital in providing full protection. All vaccinations are available, without charge, at the Virginia Department of Health Offices and many pharmacies.

The facts on whether vaccines work against the Coronavirus are not based on propaganda, but hard, fast points of data. If you refuse vaccinations, you are more than 10 times more likely to die from contracting the disease.

Those are the hard, fast facts. Accept and follow them and live. Ignore them and die.

The choice is yours.