Floyd County remains ‘high risk’ area for COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control ranks our county a higher risk than most other localities in Virginia.

Floyd County remains a “high risk” rank by the Centers for Disease (CDC). Wednesday’s report by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) shows 10 new daily cases — higher than most other Southwestern Virginia localities with higher populations.

Floyd also reported another death Tuesday, continuing a string in February that outstrips a time when fatalities from the coronavirus were few and far between.

Floyd’s death toll from the virus is 2,505. Franklin County’s was 6, Patrick County 4, Pulaski 6. Carroll and Giles counties reported 9 each.

While many areas of the nation, including parts of Virginia, CDC says Floyd County residents should wear a mask in any gathering, but too many of the folks in our area never wore masks, even when regulations said they should, and only about a third are fully vaccinated, including the booster shot.

A new poll shows that most Americans feel restrictions should remain in place, The Washington Post-ABC News polls find that “just over a third” of those surveyed feel the virus is “mostly” or “completely” under control while 49 percent COVID-19 is “somewhat under control.”

CDC recommends:

In Floyd County, will people listen? Not nearly enough. You can find many of those psols in the oblituaries.