Long day and a tough game for the Lady Buffaloes

Bassett built up a big lead with three home runs in the third inning
Caroline Hale slides into third safe and would score a run two plays later.

Catcher Leah Hamlin: Getting a signal from the coaches

Tuesdays are usually long days (and nights). Circuit Court meets each Tuesday morning and my butt is sore after several hours of covering the hearings for The Floyd Press.

Supervisors meet during the day on the second Tuesday of each month and in the evenings on the fourth Tuesday. Their seats are hard and unforgiving as well. When you throw in a softball game to shoot for an hour or so before the meeting in the evening, my aging muscles and bones are aching by the time I get home.

Had to leave the varsity Lady Buffaloes softball match against Bassett in the fourth inning, and the Henry County high school team hit three home runs in the third to build a 7-1 lead over the ladies and won 12-2 in a season that left the Floyd team with a 0-5 record so far. We will have more details on the game and more photos in next week’s Floyd Press.

Caroline Hale: A hit that later became a run.

Second base Lady Buffaloe Hale fields a grounder and completes the out at first.

Hallie Williams completing a strike out.

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