COVID-19 test is positive: Now what?

I managed to avoid the Coronavirus by being cautious and always wore a mask, a habit I dropped in recent weeks -- a stupid, dangerous move

Chateau Thompson is in lockdown, quarantined by my COVID-19 positive diagnosis earlier this week. After nearly two-and-a-half years of evading infections while, as part of my profession as a newspaperman covering court (a source of infections), public meetings of governing bodies of the county, and sporting events, the bug caught up with me, even though I am fully vaccinated.

I started having coughing fits, tested positive with the home kit provided by Carilion, and was confirmed positive by a physician’s assistant at the Clinic. She prescribed a range of medicines, including Molnupiravir, a specific medication to treat COVID, requiring four 200 mg of capsules each morning and night (eight capsules), plus a strong antibiotic, Prednisone/Doxycycline, plus an inhaler.

I am to stay inside and take it easy until Monday, when I can, if no other problems arise, venture back out to work, but must continue wearing a mask for a while.

The timing of receiving COVID-19, the doctors said, appears to be traced back to others affected in Floyd County Circuit Court, which had to cancel a jury trial after a member of the Circuit Clerk’s office tested positive for the virus, along with the Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney. The courtroom was “deep cleaned.,” we’re told, and covered the regular court hearings on Tuesday. The court session was held without requiring the use of masks.

I sit here today, typing this article, with a minor temperature (99.1 F), sore muscles and limbs, and fewer coughing spats as the day before and far less than two days ago. With luck, the rest of COVID will show no infection by Monday morning.

Like most of the residents of Floyd County, I had abandoned the use of masks, which I now know full well was a stupid, and dangerous, decision. So far, my wife Amy has not tested positive, and I have notified those I have been around earlier this week to make sure they are tested for the virus.

While deaths from COVID-19 have dropped dramatically in recent weeks. Virginia still sees more than 15,000 new cases a week and hospitalizations are rising again, even with those fully vaccinated.

We live in the “danger zone” of seniors who are vulnerable if we have “existing conditions.” I suffer from COPD with chronic bronchitis. Amy has severe asthma and other conditions. I was too careless with my health, even though I have criticized others for the same. My bad.

I’m back on a mask and I expect to keep using it for a long, long time.

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  1. Best rapid recovery wishes, Doug… and thanks for the back-to-the-masks suggestion. I noticed a few more masks at the street-jams on Friday and the Sunday Floyd Country Store jams on Sunday, but still very few. And I haven’t been wearing one myself, being too distracted by lesser issues to remember to bring one along. (Does ADHD lower immune response? If so, I’m doubly in trouble. Anyway, best wishes to you and Amy, and here’s hoping to see you (partial) face-to-face before long.

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