Time to restore the ban on assault weapons

AR assault-style weapons are used far too often to massacre children and innocents in America. Time to outlaw them

The deranged teenager who purchased two AR-15 assault-style rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition before killing 19 4th grade students, two teachers, and a security guard in Texas was not alone in using the military-style weapons to massacre innocents in America in recent days.

A man unhappy with the pain from back surgery purchased an AR in Tulsa before gunning down the surgeon and others. Same for other killers who dressed in camouflage wore bullet-resistant body armor and killed at will in a Supermarket in Buffalo, NY, and other locations.

Yet those who value guns more than lives, even those of children, claim putting such weapons in the hands of gunmen is “not a problem.”

Such comments tell us that they, the hardcore gun nuts who dominate the Republican Party, are a big part of the problem.

“My friends, what the hell are you waiting for?” Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) told his committee this week. “I agree this bill will not alone save every life we will lose to gun violence this year, but it will save some. … The American people are begging for us to address this crisis. Let us not wait one second longer.”

I’m a gun owner, a hunter, and someone who once owned assault-style weapons, but got rid of them when I understand they had no use for hunting or any other real need for a gun owner in this country. I own shotguns and long guns for hunting and have a concealed-carry permit and have handguns for personal defense.

But when I see members of Floyd’s ludicrous wannabe militia, strutting around with their Bushmasters and other AR-style weapons, I shake my head. It makes me wonder how long it will be before one ot them shoots up a local supermarket.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Branscom says the militia has no right to exist in Virginia. Only the governor can call forward or lead a militia the ones suggested by that law many years ago became the National Guard units. Floyd’s wannabe militia, Branscom says, is “nothing more than a gun club.”

One can argue that those who intend to kill children and others can do so with other guns if they don’t have assault-style ones but consider that in at least three shootings in the last two weeks, the killers purchased such weapons and went on their killing sprees. Doesn’t that indicate a problem with the easy availability of such weapons?

Federal law banned assault-style weapons in 1994 but Congress let the ban die 10 years later. President Joe Biden Thursday night called on Congress to reinstate the ban.

It won’t happen, not as long as the GOP genuflects to the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its corrupt CEO Wayne LaPierre, who embezzled millions from the organizations to pad his pocket and live way beyond his means, yet remains on the job even after admitting his crimes.

Not surprising, since the GOP also continues to listen to the disgraced and corrupt former president Donald Trump, who is under investigation for crimes in New York, Georgia, and other places.

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, Republican on the Judiciary Committee, calls Biden’s proposal “just another Democrat attack on the Second Amendment.”

Jordan, like too many others in his party, doesn’t give a damn about the children gunned down at the elementary school in Texas. He’s too busy spending the millions in donations he gets from the gun manufacturers and corrupt organizations like NRA.

Just another crook on the take.

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