A video look at July 4th (good and bad)

Trying to find something good to celebrate on this Independence Day.

Video shot a few years ago

I’ve filmed a lot of looks at Independence Day over the years and, in recent years, the looks have included some bad things that have happened in America along with the good.

In this year of intense, partisan division, anger, hate, and outright sedition, I find it more and more difficult to wonder if we have either independence or freedoms left to celebrate. States are talking secession, the rabid right-wing want to return us to the dark ages and a former testimony at hearings showcases a former president who directed an aborted attempt at a coup and continues to obstruct justice with overt criminal activities.

Politica operatives I know and have worked with over the years, especially during a 23year stint in the National Capital Region, say democracy is disintegrating and our nation faces revolution.

Will be able to even recognize Independence Day in 2024? Time will tell and time may not be on our side.

The video above was shot and directed several years ago when my faith in America started to face. It continues

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