Summertime…and the living is hot, wet, and not that easy

Yeah, it is hot out there.

We can have fun…in moderation…but the oppressive heat and humidity are both a pain in the ass and a health hazard. Of course, that’s hard to explain to those who claim global warming and the climate change it creates is nothing more than a political play and hoax by scientists.

That’s a laugh, since the hoax is on them, perpetuated by extremist political leaders whose only goal is to get rich and exert power that is supposed to be limited by our democracy.

Maybe the best way to handle this is to ignore the climate change debunkers and understand that they are driven by fear, hate, and the obnoxious misinformation that drives ignorance.

A few scenes of the video above show some ways to enjoy the Summer, even with the heat and health hazards.

Have fun and let’s be careful out there.

The best form of transportation for a child at FloydFest.
Myrtle Beach: Sun and fun
Reading and roasted by the heat.
A bikini bike wash at Thunder Road Harley Davidson in Danville, VA, in 2011

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