Long run by Buffalo quarterback Rylan Swortzel scores another touchdown (Photo by Doug Thompson from game in September.).

Football Buffaloes stampede Patrick County Cougars

The win came with strong pass plays, two long runs and turnovers by Patrick County.
Pass reception by Kaiden Swortzel for another Buffalo touchdown. (All photos by Doug Thompson)

Floyd County High School’s Buffaloes varsity football squad trampled the Patrick Henry Cougars 32-12 in the home season opener before a pleasant Friday night crowd at Coach Beale field, scoring first and led 26-6 at the half.

The win offset a season-opening loss in Christianburg last week, where the Blue Devils shot out the Buffs 32-0.

The first score came after the Buffs forced a Cougars turnover in the first set of plays and added an extra point. Then a second score lengthened the lead before Patrick scored and missed the extra point.

The Buffs added three more scores in the first two quarters for the first-half lead of 20 points. After a scoreless third quarter, both teams scored single touchdowns but missed extra point attempts to end the night at 32-12.

For the Cougars, turnovers resulted in two touchdowns by the Buffaloes and Patrick continue to turn the ball over with four intersections and five other fumbles and dropped snaps.

The Buffaloes will host Auburn next Thursday in a game moved from the traditional Friday scheduling. The action starts at 7 pm.

More photos and story details in next week’s Floyd Press.

Phillip Radford adds an extra point in the first touchdown of the night. Radford also caught a touchdown pass in the second quarter.
Rylan Swortzel drops back for a pass.
Cheerleaders keep the crowd’s spirits high for the win.

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