Yep, it’s raining on our parade

The weather outside is frightful but then, so is much of everything else these days.

Yes, the National Service says rain is arriving today and will be with us through at least Monday as Mother Nature continues to have more bad hair days. “Rain expected,” says the NWS office in Blacksburg. “Potential for heavy rainfall.”

The wet forecast calls for at least half an inch for Saturday, then a quarter of an inch or more on Sunday, and then heavy thunderstorms on Monday before turning sunny on Tuesday and remaining that way for the following days.

In other words, a wet September continues, after a wet August.

And, the NWS reminds us, that hurricane season is upon us and a mess of those messy storms are forming in the Atlantic and the Gulf.

Climate change? Of course not, claim the hardcore right-wingers. Of course, they also accept the many crimes of a former corrupt president as a proper legacy. Sorry to bring that up but it dominated the news more than the weather and the death of the legendary Queen Elizabeth of England.

The rain will not include ultra-hot humidity Temperatures over the weekend will be in the 60s and lower 70s, forecasters say.

Time to cuddle up with a good book or a stream of movies from NetFlix or Amazon and racing from Formula 1, Indycar, or NASCAR.

Stay dry. If you have to head out, be careful out there.

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