Strong wins in football and volleyball at home Thursday

With Hurricane Ian fast approaching, the football was moved up a day but the visiting teams went home with losses.
Annaleise Sowers (right) blocks a shot from Alleghany with help from Mckinsey Belcher.

A doubleheader of wins Thursday night at Floyd County High School as the varsity football Buffaloes dispatched the Carroll County High Cavaliers 23-14 on a crisp evening on Coach Beale Field and the Lady Buffaloes volleyball squad took down the Alleghany Mountaineers in the Alan Cantrell Court gym 3-1.

On the football field, the Buffaloes scored quickly in the first quarter and led 7-0 going into the second quarter, where the Cavaliers scored but missed the extra point with the Buffs leading 7-6 at the half.

Phillip Radford of the Buffaloes scores first touchdown of the game.

In the second half, Carroll County took the opening kickoff down the field in a long drive that ate up most of the quarter’s clock, but failed to score in a fourth-down attempt, giving the ball back to Floyd and the Buffaloes mixed runs and passes to travel the field to score, with the extra point giving them a 14-6 lead.

The Cavs helped the Buffaloes extend the lead by two points, then their punter stepped backward into the end zone on his kick, giving Floyd a touchback, the ball back, and a 16-6 lead. A third touchdown sealed the game even with a late-game second TD with a two-conversion for a final score of 23-14.

Emery Chaffin had 125 yards and two touchdowns on carries and Trevor Miller ran for 142 yards on 21 carries for the Buffaloes. The game win gives the team a 4-1 record.

The football game, originally scheduled for Friday, was moved up a day because of approaching Hurricane Ian, which is expected to hit the area.

On the gym floor, the Lady Buffaloes took the first match 25-0 but lost the second one 12-25, then took control back with two straight wins — 25-15, 25-19, and a game win of 3-1.

Maria Garcia-Diaz of the Lady Buffaloes delivers another strong serve.

Mia Spangler had 8 kills, Jasmine Yuvanavattana 16 digs, Carleigh Craig 9 digs, Maria Garica 7 aces, and Mallory Cockram 18 assists.

Next week, the volleyballers are on the road for two games, then face Glenvar at home Thursday and the footballers also play Glenvar at home for homecoming Friday.

Jasmine Yuvanavattana deals with an Alleghany serve.
Freddy Garcia strong kick was one of the few punts needed by the Buffaloes.
Stong return by Annaleise Sowers with Mallory Cockram (left) and Jasmine Yuvanavattana ready to help, if needed.
Emery Chaffin hauls in a pass and adds more yards with a good run.
Emery Chaffin of the JV Lady Buffs keeps the ball from hitting the floor.
Buffaloe’s marching band drums up support during football win.

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