Tell the GOP ‘Hell NO” we won’t let you kill democracy or America

Polls show most Americans believe disgraced former president Donald Trump has tried to destroy democracy and the nation. On election day, let the GOP know they are part of his sedition and failures. Kick the bastards and bitches out.

One week from today, voters in Floyd Couty, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and America have the majority to stop the sad, pathetic attempts to overturn democracy and destroy our way of life.

But the only way to stop that is by voting. If the majority shares the belief that attempts by the rabid-right wing cultists who genuflect before disgraced and criminal former president Donald John Trump is sedition against America, then the blatant, and illegal, attempts by the right and Republicans will be stopped dead in their tracks.

Trump, who faces multiple criminal investigations that should land him behind bars for the rest of his corrupt life, is not on the ballot this year but the GOP election deniers who support his “Big Lie” that he won his failed re-election attempt in 2020, are counting on low turnouts of Democrats, minorities and those who put America before the party will stay home.

Prove them wrong.

I was a GOP political operative in the 1980s, a damn good one according to most sources, which means I am a contributor to what the GOP has become. I regret that. It is the only part of my professional life that saddens and embarrasses me.

But it also gives me an understanding of how GOP politics functions and it is a party that puts political agendas above the nation’s needs and doesn’t give a damn about the majority vote.

Consider this: Donald Trump has never won an election by the popular vote. He lost the popular vote by three million votes in 2016 but was put into office by an Electoral College system that was twisted, politically, by gerrymandering by state governments, run by Republicans, to accomplish just that.

In 2020, Trump lost the popular vote by millions more and the majority of voters for Joe Biden also won the Electoral College count. Trump tried to overturn the election by threatening Vice President Mike Pence and claiming he had powers that did not exist that would let him reject legal votes that secured the Biden win.

The Jan. 6 Select Committee in Congress compiled indisputable evidence of Trump’s illegal attempts to overturn that election. He failed, but he and his cohorts in the House and Senate are planning to try and do the same thing in the Midterms and the 2024 presidential elections.

That should be evident to even the most avid member of the MAGA cult but the one thing, the only thing, that he is good at is being a confidence man (con artist), someone who concocts lies to steal and defraud his victims or, in this case, a nation on the brink.

The current mob that follows Trump began with the Tea Party movement, a racist collection of bigots who have always been just under the surface of the GOP. It continued with the selection of then-Alaska governor Sarah Palin to be John McCain’s running mate in 2012 and who was exposed as a sham who didn’t even understand how government and elections work.

Trump, who paid large fines for racist crimes in his real estate projects, was backed by the most blatant racists in America and an “evangelical” movement by Jerry Falwell Jr., who was fired by Liberty University after the discovery that he liked to watch his wife has sex with other men and other deviant acts.

Yet Republicans continue to support Trump, a sexual predator who paid off a model who said he raped her at age 14, paid off a porn actress to not reveal she had an affair with him while his current wife was pregnant and who bragged, on a recording, that he liked to seduce married women by “grabbing their pussies.”

Now, he continues to direct a group of MAGA thugs who look the other way when he was caught hoarding top secret documents that he stole after leaving the White House and at his resort until the Justice Department, with a valid and legal search warrant, seized them in a raid at Mar-a-Lago.

Indictments of obstruction of justice, violations of the federal Espionage Act, and sedition are expected shortly after the Midterms but voters can help by rejecting his incompetent followers and those in GOP party leadership that follow him without question.

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, the future of democracy and America, is at stake. Don’t let down those who put America first.

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