Yes, it’s cold outside but the days will get warmer

Starting Tuesday, we can expect highs in the 50s and overnight lows mostly above freezing. About time.

The remote temperature gauge on the top of a shed that shares the top of the hill where our home is located sent a reading of 18 degrees Fahrenheit at 0600 today. That’s cold. Damn cold. especially this time of year. If the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg is correct, and that’s always a big “if,” it should be a little warmer tonight and into Tuesday, by about 10 degrees or so.

Appalachian Power Company’s latest bill says we’ve spent little more than $80 more this month than last on an already too-expensive electricity bill. Colder weather, the notice said, could be one of the problems.

Really? You think?

Circuit Court Tuesday could be a long day. Drug Court dominated the first hour or more of the day, pushing the normal 9:30 am start often to 10 or more and the criminal court will be dominated by multiple probation revocations, several plea bargains, and a number of scheduled trials which could become plea bargains or contingencies. The schedule, however, includes a second set of hearings that begins at 11 a.m. and could extend into early or mid-afternoon.

Prices these days are rising at a greater rate than new infections of the COVID-19 pandemic, which the Centers for Disease Control is now trying to say is an “endemic,” viruses like the flu or even the common cold. I wonder if the 22,285 people in Virginia who have died from the virus would agree since new deaths add at least a dozen or so daily.

The same could be asked of the families of the 1.1 million deaths in the United States or the $6.6 million worldwide. I’ve tried to keep track of the infections in deaths in our area since the pandemic began but most other media outlets have moved on and provided updates sporadically. I don’t do this because anyone pays me for it (they don’t), but do so because I think people need to know.

We’ve lost too many friends and relatives to this virus. Wife Amy has contracted it at least twice and I have had it once. Both of us are fully vaccinated with all boosters and we still wear masks in many public places.

With luck, we will celebrate Thanksgiving Thursday, at home.

Weather forecasts for the week call for high temperatures in the 50s through Sunday with lows above freezing on most nights. That will be something to celebrate for Thanksgiving, even with some rain in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday.

Our best wishes for a happy turkey day. We will hide at home on Black Friday but hope to see you at the annual Christmas Parade that begins at 3 p.m. in downtown Floyd on Sunday, Nov. 28.

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