COVID-19 death shows virus is still a threat to Floyd

The 53 deaths in Floyd County are among the 22,437 who have lost their lives in Virginia.

Floyd County had a new death from the COVID-19 virus in Wednesday’s report, bringing the county’s current death total to 53. Friday’s report from the Virginia Department of Health shows six new infections for the county for a current total of 3,459.

In Virginia, the death toll from the virus stands at 22,437 since COVID-19 was reported in the Commonwealth, along with 2,153,223 cases and 22,437 hospitalized during the pandemic.

It appears that the death in Floyd was a shift from neighboring Roanoke County, which reported one death on Tuesday but then subtracted it a day later when it was transferred to Floyd County, a data error that often occurs when two localities share a zip code.

Medical experts say the virus remains among us and is becoming an endemic infection like the flu or colds but it is still evolving and remains deadly, especially for those with underlying health conditions who are not fully vaccinated with the original two shots plus the three boosters.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the outgoing coordinator on infectious diseases, is warning that a new vaccination may be needed to deal with the latest variations of the virus. Some medical experts have said we might need new shots twice a year to keep up to date and provide the best protection against the virus.

Hospitals and doctor’s offices still require the use of a mask for visits or treatment. We still see masks on checkouts at some grocery stores, along with clear shields for those working in offices and retail establishments.