The sun and warmer temperatures are arriving . A high temperature of 60 is expected on Thursday.

A long-overdue break from sub-zero nights

The National Weather Service is predicting a high of 60 on Thursday with an overnight low of 51. That's more like it.

If the current forecast of the National Weather Service is correct, and that is always a big “if,” this Monday will be the last day of sub-freezing high temperatures for a while. After the sub-zero lows, we have endured during the days (thanks to the wind chill) and through the frigid nights will be behind us and we may even see 60 degrees on Thursday.

It’s been cold, damn cold,, for too many days and nights, thanks to the bomb cyclone effect that sent temperatures freezing down, even, to Florida. over Christmas.

NWS is forecasting a high of 34 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday, 46 on Wednesday, and 60 degrees Thursday with an overnight low of 51. Relative warm days are expected through the first week of January.

Of course, forecasts are always subject to change. A meteorologist we knew during our 23 years in Washington, DC, admitted “forecasts are, best, educated guesses.”

We saw scattered power outages in Floyd County, including one on Christmas that shut down stores in Floyd, including The Floyd Country Store and Food Lion. That put a dent in their revenue and last-minute shopping. We are fortunate to have an automatic Generac generator that kicks in when the power goes dead, but our power only blinked off and on a couple of times over the holiday weekend.

We getter be care. This Monday is still part of the holiday weekend. While stores are open for shoppers looking for post-Christmas discounts and/or returns, banks, government offices,s and other established have the day off.

Drug Court, closed to the public, will run on Wednesday in Floyd County Circuit Court, but no criminal cases are scheduled.

The FCHS Buffaloes Varsity and JV teams are scheduled to host Magna Vista at home Wednesday for the only home games set for the week between Christmas and New Year.

We haven’t heard yet any reports on frozen pipes, especially on Friday night, when the wind chills were 25 degrees or more. The wind advisories expired Sunday afternoon. Let’s hope they stay away for a while.

For some, the warmer temperatures this week will allow time to clear out the fallen limbs, along with downed trees, from the high winds.

It’s the final year of 2022. Let’s hope 2023 brings better times for many.

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