With 3.1 seconds left, K. Swortzel’s two key foul shots give Buffs the win

The Buffs went into halftime trailing the Magna Vista Warriors by 18 points (44-26) but came back to swap the lead several times in the third and fourth quarters for a big win.
Kaiden Swortzel scores (All photos by Doug Thompson)
AJ Cantrell of the Buffaloes scores against Magna Vista.

In a hard-fought game against the Magna Vista Warriors Wednesday night in the Alan Cantrell Court at Floyd County High School, the Buffaloes came back from an 18-point deficit at halftime tying the game in the third quarter and took the lead and lost several times in the fourth before the Warriors fouled Kaiden Swortzel of the Buffs with 3.1 seconds left and Floyd trailing by one point – 72-71

Swortzel made the first shot and tiled the game at 72-all but a timeout called the Buffaloes coach Brian Harman delayed him from shooting, and making, the second shot to tie the game at 72 points each.

Harman called another time-out before Swortzel made the second extra point to give the Buffaloes a one-point advantage and also brought a third time-out by Harman before the Warriors put the ball into play with 3.1 seconds left and a hurried attempt to get the ball downcourt and score fizzled and sealed the win.

When Swortzel was fouled, there as 3.1 seconds left of the game clock with the timouts and two could shots that gave Floyd the win, a little over nine minutes passed real time elapsed for the final 3.1 seconds of game time wound down.

Big win for the Buffs.

Rylan Swortzel drives for a score.
Micah Underwood fires from the 3-point line.
Korey Turpin spots a target for his pass.
AJ Cantrell on defense.

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