In New York City, many celebrate "Good Riddance" to the year we are, thankilly, leaving behind.

Farewell to 2022 and let’s hope for a better year in 2023

Out with the old and in with the new. Good times or just Good Riddance.

We’re not out for New Year’s Eve. Holiday celebrations are put aside right now as we end both the year and the week without water in our house. No, the pipes didn’t freeze during the bomb cyclone weather that sent temperatures near 30 degrees below in wind chills and too many days with the thermometer not getting out of the teens.

Our water pump is still pumping. Our pressure tank delivers a strong stream of water into the water heater, but something is clogging our pipes and we will have to wait until retirement payday to bring in a plumber. We can fill buckets of water from the pressure tank drain when needed to keep toilets filled and functioning. The Fitness Center has a shower to use after working out on most days.

The general feeling from those who fix such things is that our house water system appears to be blocked by more than one airlock and has to be drained, flushed, and reconnected. Maybe we can get it done ourselves. If not, we still have water that can be used to fill buckets.

To make matters worse, the thaw came turned out icy, frozen driveway into a mud pit that turns cars and Amy’s three-wheel CanAm into mud-covered vehicles that will need a lot of cleaning.

So, it is safe to say we are bidding 2022 goodbye and good riddance with the hope that 2023 brings better times.

Anyway, Happy Birthday from our broken house. If Spring ever arrives in three or four months, we will need it.

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