Varsity basketball Buffaloes down Alleghany by 22 points Thursday

Consistent play and a string of three-pointers helped make the difference in the last regular-season game of the season. Next stop, the Regionals next week.
Micah Underwood scores more points.

Last regular season Buffaloes basketball game Thursday at Floyd County High School was a display of three-pointers, key plays under the net, and consistent play that gave the Buffs a big 80-58 win over Alleghany High School’s Mountaineers from Covington.

Floyd took the lead at the start and extended it to 11 points before Alleghany got on the scoreboard, but the Mountaineers came back and threatened to tire the game by the end of the first quarter but yet another three-pointer gave the Buffs a 15-12 lead.

In the second quarter, the Buffs extended the lead and led 40-28 with 23 seconds to go before halftime. The Mountaineers added another score to make it 40-30 at the half. The Buffs extended to the lead to 61-42 going into the fourth quarter and the Buffs extended it to 70-42 with four-and-a-half minutes to go.

The Buffs held firm and led 78-54 with just under two minutes to go. Only a few changes brought the victory home 80-58, a big victory against a Three Rivers District opponent that should help give the Buffs a good pairing for the start of the Regional Tournament on Feb. 17. No word yet on where the first game will be located or the opponent.

In scoring, Micha Underwood had 21, AJ Cantrell 13, Gavin Herrington 11, , Rylan Swortzel 7, Chaffin 4, Kaiden Swortzel 2, Freddy Garcia 3, AidenCox 3, and Isaac Bishop 3.

As noted, the Buffaloes went on a three-point rampage with 15, including Underwood with 5, Cantrell 3, Cockram 2, Herrington 2, R. Swortzel, Cox, and Bishop one each).

The win gives the Buffaloes an overall 18-4 and 8-2 district record heading into the regionals. The JV games that started the evening found the pre-varsity Buffs fall behind at the beginning before they closed the gap and made a run for the win in the fourth quarter but the junior Mountaineers won 59-54.

More details and photos in next week’s Floyd Press.

Kaiden Swortzel; fires for the score
On a fast break, another Matt Slusher aims for the basket.
What’s the cheerleader doing? We’re not sure.
In the JV game, Mason Erchull goes for a score.

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