Why I walked away from GOP criminals and their enablers

In the early 1980s, I took a sabattical from a career as a newspaperman to work for the Republican party and learn how government really works. What I learned sickens me now, decades later.
Lies, damn lies and still more lies from the constantly lying unprofessional Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Many friends and a number of readers of this website know that an ill-advised sabbatical from my work as a newspaperman to work for the Republican party to “learn more about how our government really works” is a permanent black mark on a resume of a career reporter and photojournalist that spans six-plus decades.

I have apologized many times and will continue to do so, for working for the party that has become a danger to American democracy and is, in my opinion, and others should be indicted and tried as traitors.

Greene is a blatant example of a traitorous liar who misrepresents the brain-dead constituents of Georgia who vote for her and her ignorance of the law, morality and decency.

She’s not alone. Disgraced and battle-scarred Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy kowtows to the extreme, hardcore right-wing Republicans who now control his actions and un-American missteps.

McCarthy brags that he “can’t live without” Greene. We wonder how his wife feels about that unholy alliance.

I walked away from politics in general and the GOP in particular after witnessing the rise of another corrupt and immoral member of Congress from Georgia, Newt Gingrich, a man who cheated on his wives, then divorced them to marry his latest bedmate and was caught getting blowjobs from other men’s wives in the front seat of his car while waiting to drive his kids home from ball games.

It was no wonder that he later became a “trusted associate” of Donald Trump, who ignored any decency by appointing Giongroich’s latest adultress -turned-wife as Ambassador to the Vatican. About what we would expect from the hypocritical collection of sacrilegious sinners of the Republican Party.

The video above, a clip from the Morning Joe news talk show that features former GOP congressman Charles Joseph Scarborough, who quit the party in disgust after Trump took control of the party in 2016.

Scarborough does not hide his discuss with Greene in this clip. We don’t blame him.

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