Busy sports day with track, tennis, softball and baseball

A 7-0 win for the softball ladies but a first loss of the season by the Lady Buffs to Glenvar in tennis.
Scoring in the triple jump

Busy, busy aports day on the fields, courts and track at Floyd County High School Friday. Track invitationals, Ladies tennis on the courts, Lady Buffaloes winning 7-0 over Glenvar on the softball field and baseball at the other end of sports complex.

Don’t have the track results yet. As noted earlier, the Lady Buffs won 7-0 but the boys lost 6-0 in baseball and Glenvar ended the undefeated season of the Lady Buffs, falling 6-3 to Glenvar.

More photos and details in next week’s Floyd Press.

Clearing the hurdles
Tight finish in the 100-meter run.
Concentrating on the shot put.
Leading a leg in the relay.
More tennis action…
First loss of the season for the Lady Buffaloes tennis team.
And more…

A hard serve…

A solid return…

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