‘Busload of Faith to Get By.’ Just a myth? Probably.

Lou Reed's song is more telling today than when he wrote it in 1989.
The riot that shut down the Capitol on Jan. 6th by those who lied by claiming the presidential election was a fraud.

Back in the 1980s, while we lived in the National Capitol Region of Washington, DC, we saw a film starring James Woods and Robert Downey, Jr., “True Believer,” about a down-and-out former true believer attorney (Woods), who took up a case a kid set up for a shooting he didn’t do but exemplified the crime and corruption of the Justice system at the time.

The film also closed with “Busload of Faith to Get By” by Lou Reed, which suggested that most beliefs we held were myths. For a cynical newspaperman, that song became a permanent part of my music library.

Watch and listen, carefully, to the words of Reed. Then think about what is happening around us right now:

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